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Jewellery Cleaner

  Connoisseurs Delicate Jewel Cleaner CONN1047
£6.99 at The Jewel Hut
  Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stick CONN775
£9.99 at The Jewel Hut
  Connoisseurs Jewellery Wipes CONN776
£8.99 at The Jewel Hut
  Connoisseurs Polishing Cloth Gold CONN738
£7.99 at The Jewel Hut
  Connoisseurs Polishing Cloth Silver CONN739
£7.99 at The Jewel Hut
  Connoisseurs Precious Jewel Cleaner CONN772
£6.99 at The Jewel Hut
  Connoisseurs Silver Jewellery Cleaner CONN773
£6.99 at The Jewel Hut
  Pandora Care Kit PC001
£15.00 at The Jewel Hut

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