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Compare new and used prices all on one site.

Search and compare prices on over 390 million products.


What's so special about Going Going?

Finding the most prices

We are constantly striving to get more prices. Therefore we do not exclude retailers that do not offer commission. We won't stop until we cover the whole market.

Finding the cheapest prices

Price comparison is useless if you havent got the cheapest deals. Another reason why we don't exclude retailers that don't offer commission. The retailers with the cheapest prices generally can't afford to advertise but they are very welcome here.

Putting you first

Our price searches are ordered by price, not by sponsorship or by highest retailer commissions. That means you always get the best deal at the top.

Used products too

We want you to find the best deal possible so our price comparison integrates both new and used products.

Real time accuracy

We check most prices at the point you search. Giving you accurate prices is one of our top objectives.

Your feedback needed

We want to make this website really useful. If you have any suggestions to improve our service please tell us here

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